Little Red Poppy: a modern song to salute our heroes.

"It appears you have a hit on your hands - and that ensures the remembrance of what Canada's veterans have done and our soldiers continue to do."
Linda Granfield
Author of "In Flanders Fields: The Story of the Poem by John McCrae" and "The Unknown Soldier"
"Just beautiful Rob & thank you for sending me your song. Will try to get you some airplay here. I think the listeners would love your music."
Wendy Rudin
FM 92.3(NSW)
"We have been learning your song in our singing club and we will be performing it for Remembrance Day. The students absolutely love your song. They listen to it everyday and enjoy singing it very much!"
Meredith Bly
Calgary, Alberta
"Our school used the video montage and song "Little Red Poppy" as part of our Remembrance Day presentation at our elementary school. The students found the song very meaningful, and appreciated the visuals as well. Another year, I'd like one of my students to play the song on the piano, and have the other students sing the song together! Thank you for this excellent resource."
Sharon Jordan
Grade 7/8 teacher
Laurelwoods Elementary School
Orangeville, Ontario
"Rob, thanks for providing something that radio can use to promote the memories of veterans, year after year."
Rick Ringer
97.7 FM The Beach
St. Catherines, Ontario
"Thank you so much for sending through your beautiful song. You are an absolute legend for getting back to me so quickly. I was in search of a good song for children to learn and perform at our school's Remembrance Day ceremony, which is a big event for our small school. It is my first year at the school and I really wanted to make it a special ceremony. The lyrics to your song ring true for our Australian Remembrance Day traditions. I found it really difficult to find an appropriate song for children to mark Remembrance Day and your song was just what I had been looking for."
Ben and Renae Leeson
NSW, Australia
"Your unique contribution to Canada's tradition of remembrance is becoming increasingly indispensable not only in Ontario, but indeed across the entire country."
Elizabeth Witmer
Progressive Conservative MPP
for the riding of Kitchener-Waterloo
"Hi Rob...excellent song. I have an interview program called CHATS that runs weekday mornings between 9 and 9:30 A.M. I'm wondering about doing an interview with you for Remembrance day. I'm not sure if you would be able to do it live or not since you teach. You may also have a busy schedule already that day. We could always make other arrangements to get it on the air. Let me know what you think."
John Nichols
CHATS host
The Peak-FM
Collingwood, Ontario
"Congratulations! What a beautiful, inspirational song - I just love it! I cannot wait to share it with my students this year. I have been an educator for over 25 years and I am passionate about teaching peace and remembrance to my students. My grandfather served in WWII. I am involved with The No Stone Left Alone Memorial Foundation, an award winning non profit organization committed to raising awareness about the sacrifices our veterans have made."
No Stone Left Alone Memorial Foundation
"I am a music teacher at two primary schools in Dunedin, a lovely city near the bottom of New Zealand. I have used your beautiful song for the last few years, but have never had anything apart from the CD backing. Our librarian purchased the book for our library and then showed me the song at the back of the book. I just connected with it and the children love singing it. I didn't realise I could purchase the music. I am so pleased I went on a Google search and found the website. We will be singing it at our school ANZAC service in April. "
Alison Tay

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